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Nia focuses on expressing her observations and opinions of the world around her through design.

She seeks to design unique objects and installations that reflect the way we lead our lives and that may suggest a change in behaviour.

"Coming from an environmental science background, I see design as an investigation. I like to see things from all angles and gather as much information as I can before making a decision"  

Inspired by critical design and protest, her products are durable, functional and beautiful whilst also carrying a deeper, more meaningful message.

"I find passion in the things that irritate me, this is what drives my work"

In a resource constrained world, Nia strives to design using the minimum of raw materials and energy necessary whilst also considering the benefits of designing products for a circular economy.

Nia is currently a graduate resident at Carmarthen School of Art and is seeking paid employment, internships and collaborations to supplement her self directed studies.